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Udaipur (48)
A delicious, healthy meal takes only a few minutes, a little love and care, and above all a humble desire to eat great food!

In the Indian Culture, food is considered God, as goes the Sanskrit saying – Anna He Poorna Brahma. Although the tradition of praying before your meal is forgotten, I personally think its a good practice. Its important to be conscious of what we eat and appreciate the one who prepares it for us. You can buy organic foods or foods from local farmer’s market – they usually taste better and are more likely to be more nutritious, but are a bit expensive. So, do make reasonable choices to ensure you get enough healthy foods in your grocery cart without upsetting your budget. How you cook those foods will also matter, in order to ensure the nutrients are retained in your dish as much as possible. A thoughtfully and lovingly planned and prepared meal not only nourishes our body but even our souls. Learn to present food beautifully, enjoy the aromas, and more importantly say “AWESOME” when your first bite tastes delicious!! Experience it to Believe it! 
My philosophy is simple- I prefer not to single out a nutrient or food as good or bad. The science of Nutrition is more complex than just categorizing foods and nutrients – the interaction of all the food ingredients and cooking methods, their impact on the nutrient availability, quality and quantity of all your meals in a day and not just one meal, how you are enjoying your meals etc. count towards nourishing your body. Moderate the quantity of foods you know are high fat and high sugar depending on your current health requirements. After having 100% whole wheat sandwich almost everyday, if you feel like ordering a sandwich on white bread once in a while, then make sure you have a side order of salad or extra veggies in your sandwich or an apple as dessert to make up for the fiber in that meal. Similarly, you can get extra beans and veggies on your burrito bowl if you don’t feel like ordering the brown rice. You don’t have to be miserable eating the food you don’t like, but learn how to incorporate the nutrients through other foods in that meal or learn ways to make the same food more palatable. There a easy choices that you can make while you eat out or cook your meal to ensure it is healthful for yourself and your family. Its all about BALANCING the nutrients with the food we like. Hope you find this blog resourceful in terms of ideas to balance your meals with taste and nutrition! 🙂
Besides food, your level of physical activity, breathing exercises, quality time spent with family and friends, how you cope up with life stressors, all contribute to your overall well-being. If you have indulged in your favorite dessert at a special occasion, promise yourself to hit the gym later that day and have a light meal. Know that being active is not optional. As you make time for other priorities, make exercise as one of your top 3 to-do items of the day. Deep breathing exercises on a daily basis can help you relax. On the weekends, pursuing a hobby, spending time in the park or hiking or visiting friends or family are other great ways to destress yourself.
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