Lentils curry

I recently purchased a pressure cooker from Amazon:


I am quite happy with it and it comes in different sizes. Its great when you want to reduce the cooking time. If you have steel containers that stack, you can cook multiple dishes in the same time. Here is a lentils curry recipe that is easy to make. It can be easily served as a soup by increasing the amount of water and adding diced carrots while cooking the lentils.

Per serving:  117 cals | 6g proteins | 4g fiber | 4 g fat

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SIMPLE MASUR DAL (Split Lentils Soup)

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Dal is a traditional legume based soup-like preparation in India. The main ingredient is usually a legume (split beans or lentils) or mixed legumes with or without skin that is cooked with spices and/or vegetables, that vary from region to region. Thus, every version of the dal gets a new name that highlights the special ingredient or style of preparation. Most meals are incomplete with a serving of dal along with rice in southern India or paratha in northern India. However, most of them involve a light to strong tempering of different spices in ghee or butter. This masur dal is a delicious and nutritious preparation that can be cooked in no time.

Check out some great tips by the chef and the nutritionist! 🙂

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