Mango Lassi/ Mango Smoothie (mmm mangolicious~)

This 2 ingredient beverage will keep you going for hours, unless you are crazy about mango, like me! Lassi, if made the right way, can be a good way to keep your hunger at bay, especially when you are fasting (Hindu Fasts). Enjoy it solo or with a snack but not with lunch or dinner, as it will really fill you up and you will probably doze off! Even half a glass (1 full small glass) will suffice! When you drink a lot of it, that’s when you need to start keeping track of your calories from this nourishing, summer drink, or just go outside & get those calories burning! 😀

mango lassi

Know your nutrients: Mango lassi in restaurants can be super rich (high calorie beverage that comes in generous serving size), but if you make it at home, you get the benefits without the disadvantage! 😉 It has the goodness that comes with low fat, plain, unsweetened, yogurt- good quality protein, calcium, vit A and the bacteria (probiotics) ! Mango…besides the deliciousness, is rich in beta carotene (which converts to vit A in our body), which you might already know.

mango lassi b

I love Alphonso mango (the King of Mangoes), and haven’t quite learned to appreciate the taste of other mangoes. I am sometimes okay with Kesar variety, but would rather reserve my loyalty for the Alphonso. Since, fresh Alphonso is not easily available here at affordable rates, I am happy to use the canned pulp (94% pulp). However, you can try this recipe with any variety. Instead of pulp, just chop up the flesh of the mango variety you like.

Here’s how to enjoy a guilt-free mango lassi, with the real taste of Alphonso.

Per serving: 107 cals | 2 g fiber | 4 g protein | 1 g total fat | Calcium & vitamin A

Nutrient-dense, lower calorie beverage 

Ingredients: (4 servings)

1 cup Alphonso mango pulp, fresh pulp from ripe mango or canned (94% pulp) or chopped pieces of ripe mango of your choice

1 cup low fat, plain, unsweetened yogurt

Water for your desired consistency


  1. Blenderize pulp/ chopped mango and yogurt together till smooth.
  2. Then add water to get your desired consistency. Run the blender once more or just stir well.
  3. Serve chilled &/or with topping of ice cubes or a pinch of nutmeg in small glasses.
  4. Say yumm and lick your lips!

mango lassi with nutmeg2



Mango lassi


SABUDANA KHICHADI (Tasty sago/ tapioca pearl preparation)

sabudana khichadi2

This dish is usually prepared and served on days of fasting in the Hindu tradition. Most Indians however love to eat this khichadi even when they are not fasting. It serves as a great snack or breakfast item.

Sabudana khichadi is usually prepared with a lot of oil and can be very greasy. I have used less oil in this recipe. Sabudana is a very starchy food and does not contain much fiber or vitamins. Although peanuts add some vitamins & a bit of protein to the dish, I recommend that you eat this dish only once in a while. I would also suggest that you have this khichadi with low fat or fat-free yogurt, plain or in the form of lassi. It will compensate for the absence of protein & vitamins in sago and also increase the satiety value – you will not feel hungry for a long time…which helps when you are fasting, right? 🙂 It will also keep a check on your total intake.

Per serving: 223 cals | 3 g protein | 8 g total fat | 2 g fiber

With 1/2 cup low fat yogurt: 300 cals | 9 g protein | 10 g total fat | 2 g fiber | 224 mg Calcium | B-complex vitamins, Vit A

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