Refreshing Mango salsa to Mango ensalada

Hola! 🙂 La ensalada es muy refrescante y deliciosa ….hehe. I made this mango salsa in a few minutes and thought why not add it over lettuce and try it as a salad as well? And, the outcome was very refreshing & delicious! The sweet pulpy mango, the crisp and juicy cucumber and red bell pepper make a great combination. Serve this salsa as a novel side at your 4th of July celebration party! Turn it into a salad or enjoy it plain and simple. This does not even need a dressing – salt and pepper seasoning is enough to justify the union of these lovely ingredients.

mango salsa (1)

If you are wondering what mango I used, then let me be honest. My love for Alphonso mango remains unchanged (you’ll probably say – ya, ya we know that). But the sight of sliced mangoes everywhere tempted me to just go and get a ripe mango! I was delightfully surprised this time (blush). It was a Manila mango- sweet, non-fibrous & pulpy! The last time I had tried a mango, it was a bit disappointing as it was very fibrous and not so flavorful. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what variety it was. Anyways, enjoy this salsa or salad and let me know what you think!

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Know your nutrients: One serving of this low calorie salad has fiber equivalent to 4 cups of lettuce. Red bell pepper and mango provide fiber, plenty of vitamin C and mango  with its bonus beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A). One serving of this salad provides you more than your daily recommendation of vitamin C.

Per serving : 60 cals |  2 g fiber | 2 g protein | 0 g total fat | Vit C & Provitamin A

Total time: 5 mins

Ingredients (2 servings)

1/2 cup peeled & diced ripe mango

1/2 cup diced red bell pepper ( 1/2 medium red bell pepper)

1 cup diced cucumber (2 Persian cucumbers)

2 cups of lettuce

salt and ground black pepper to taste

mango salsa (12)


  1. Dice and transfer all the vegetable (except lettuce) in a bowl. Sprinkle salt and black pepper and serve it as a mango salsa.
  2. Make a layer of lettuce on a salad plate and delicately transfer the mango salsa to the lettuce. The ingredients are so fresh and flavorful together that you really need no dressing. Just salt and black pepper would suffice! Enjoy~

mango salsa (13)


mango salsa


Chatpata Aloo Gobi (Spiced cauliflower potato filling for your tacos/ wraps)

A dear friend requested I post some recipes without onion and garlic. I know its not just me but a lot of people love O & G; they really make food flavorful and are part of most cuisines. I thought it would be a bit difficult to make food as delicious without these ingredients. However, my mom reminded me of some of her recipes that are in fact quite delicious, and don’t require O & G. I had somehow forgotten about those dishes :). During certain religious celebrations as well, Hindus are required to cook without O & G. Its only a matter of different combination of ingredients that make a dish lip smacking, without using a whole lot of oil! So, I hope you enjoy and let me know if you liked this dish. More such recipes on their way ~~~

How to serve: This dish can be served as a subzi with whole wheat roti, or a filling for your tacos and wraps. Add lettuce, tomatoes (and onion for those who love raw onion), lemon juice, cilantro etc over your tacos or serve as a side salad along with beaten, low fat yogurt dressing.


Know your nutrients: Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable like cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. It is valued for its anti-cancer properties attributed by glucosinolates. Make sure you prepare any of these vegetables at least once a week! Enjoy 2-3 servings of this dish and reap the benefits as well. It also contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps protect your body from oxidative stress and builds resistance.

This is a low calorie, high fiber dish with vitamin C.

Per serving: 97 cals| 3 g protein | 3 g fiber | 5 g total fat | 56 mg vitamin C

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Gingery Mung bean Soup (Adrakwali mung dal)

Here is a secret recipe that I’ve learned from my husband! 🙂 He made this for me on our first visit to the US after our marriage. It was delicious and I was totally impressed. I tried to replicate it a few times, but it wouldn’t taste like his. Now, that I have learned the right proportion of ingredients, I am sharing it with you. Lucky for you- you don’t have to experiment it a few times to make this awesome dal. We enjoy this dish as a side soup or dal to go with roti or rice. For your convenience, save or pin  the recipe card! Share if you like it! 🙂

Know your nutrients:  This is a low calorie, high fiber dish with moderate amount of protein.Mung dal with skin gives us the additional advantage of greater amount of fiber, besides B-complex vitamins compared to the mung dal without skin. Mung dal like other pulses are an important source of protein for vegetarians. Along with cereal (wheat bread/ roti, rice etc) they make a source of complete protein for vegetarians, containing all amino acids required by the body. I feel its important to consume cow’s ghee (at least 1 tsp a day) for adults as it has a very cleansing & healing effect on our body – good skin & bowel movements, per Ayurvedic principles. If you are using a cooking oil such as Canola that has a right balance of fatty acids (good amount of MUFA along with omega 3 fatty acids) then its quite safe to consume cow’s ghee on a daily basis, for those of you who are concerned about ghee consumption with regard to its saturated fat content. Ginger has medicinal properties – it is good for clearing sinuses, for cold, cough and sore throat. It reduces the tendency to develop gas (flatulence) associated with consumption of pulses.

Per serving: 81 calories | 4 g proteins | 5 g fiber | 2 g total fat 


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NOURISHING CARROT SOUP (antioxidants, fiber & low calories!!)

Hello everyone! I am back from my vacation and catching up on my pending tasks and my old routine! Here’s my favorite soup recipe – and believe me it is deliciously nourishing! You can make it any time of the year, when you are well or unwell, this soup will make you happy! 🙂 I learned to make this soup while I was in college and loving it since then! This is a side soup, so be sure to complement it with a healthy main. My suggestions are Chicken tikka masala wrap, Easy Lentils & Brown Rice Pulao, Spinach & Kale salad with sausage, Black beans curry with roti and more such recipes on my blog! Do send me your feedback whenever possible! Save and share the recipe card below!

Know your nutrients: This low calorie soup contains carrots & tomatoes which provide antioxidants (vitamin A & C respectively) and a good amount of fiber, especially soluble fiber. Since its a side soup and does not contain proteins, complement it with a main that has a good quality protein. Never discard water used for soaking or cooking. It contains vitamins and minerals that leach out into the water. More such tips on preserving nutrients, check the GOOD TO KNOW section of the blog.

Per serving: 66 cals | 1 g protein | 3 g fiber | 2 g total fat | 553 ug RAE vitamin A | 13 mg  vitamin C

More nutritious recipes coming up….so keep visiting!

carrot soup new

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Easy Lentils & Brown Rice Pulao

This recipe is my entry to the Canadian Lentil Recipe Revelation Challenge in the main dish category. You can show your support by liking my post &/ or my Pinterest post on this board. It might take a day to get posted on their board. Since I have only recently started blogging, I don’t have a lot of followers like other contestants who have been blogging for a long time. Popularity is one of the criteria for judging 😛 besides taste, appeal, simplicity & creativity. Deadline is Feb 23rd!!!!

I hope this recipe endears to people who love lentils and would be willing to give this recipe a shot.

Per serving: 243 cals | 9 g protein | 8 g fiber | 8 g total fat | 3 mg Iron | 55 mg Vitamin C | 400 mg Potassium

Lentils pulao

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