Chocolate cake with strawberry puree

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! This post is about my first attempt at baking a chocolate cake. And, since I was baking it for Valentine’s day, I really wanted it to turn out well. However, I couldn’t resist myself from experimenting with different ingredients. I didn’t want to make just a plain chocolate cake…I wanted it to be moist. So, I used oil instead of butter – healthier and moist! I also wanted to add strawberry coulis- but then I didn’t want to add more sugar and discard the fiber (seeds) to make the coulis. Instead, I decided to add a smooth strawberry puree without straining. The outcome was good, certified by Neeraj. 🙂

Lessons learned: I did feel like the cake could be better. Here is what I learned from my first attempt. Strawberries should be sweet, if you don’t want to add sugar to make your coulis/ puree. That’s why I dusted some sugar on the cake. Better to buy strawberries at the farmer’s market, where you can taste the produce.

I think regular sugar might work better than brown sugar. I’d read that brown sugar gives a better flavor. But, I think original chocolate flavor shall suffice. Although, Neeraj liked this better. So, it might just be a matter of preference.

We like our cake not too sweet & without frosting. But if you are used to sweet cakes with frosting, you may want to use less cocoa.

If you have any suggestions for baking a chocolate cake with a difference….please do pass them along. One of my fellow bloggers, “Cooking up the pantry” has posted a black beans chocolate cake recipe. So next time I would be experimenting with black beans & chocolate.

Per serving: 126 cals | 2 g protein | 1 g fiber | 6 g total fat | 2.5 mg omega 3 fatty acid


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Fruit and nut raita (5)

When you are home with a basket full of fruits that you just purchased at a local farmer’s market, you sometimes wonder how many different ways you can combine all the fresh fruit produce to make a lovely dish. Some ideas that might occur to you are- just plain mixed fruit salad, or fruit salad with a nice custard or a fruit salad with a jelly, or with a dollop of cream!!! Other more elaborate options would be to make a mixed fruit cake or pie or even a lovely home-made mixed fruit jam. I wanted to share a quick idea with all of you- to make a yogurt based salad with fresh fruits and nuts. This can be served as a dessert or side or you can serve it as a snack. I just love it the way it is!

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