On our way to Santa Cruz, we stopped by this small store. It was very interesting because I hadn’t seen any store sell unpackaged pulses in the US, like they do in traditional grocery stores in India. By traditional I mean, the stores that have continued to sell cereals and pulses unpackaged, so that customers can pick and choose the variety they want and a quantity they prefer. Most supermarkets and retail stores have started selling packed grains. If there is such a store near you, it will be fun for you to try small quantities of different beans. If not, there is always the supermarket for you to experiment with a new bean every time you shop.

Pulses are an important source of proteins for vegetarians and more so for vegans. Besides proteins, they provide a good amount of fiber, potassium & B-complex vitamins. I think I love cooking dried peas in particular, both white and green. They taste great even with minimal spices. My mom makes ragda, a dried peas curry/soup in many different ways. This is one of the simplest ways to make this dish. You can serve this as a creamy soup with toasted & lightly buttered whole wheat bread and a side salad, or serve it with whole wheat chapatis or rice with a side salad. Hope you can try this recipe and let me know if you like it!

Per serving : 153 cals | 8 g proteins | 8 g fiber | 5 g total fat 

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RAGDA PATTICE (Potato patties with white peas curry)

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Ragda is a non-spicy curry made using white or green dried peas and served with pattice which is a usual pattice made with mashed boiled potatoes. In India, this dish is served as chaat- a popular street food/snack especially in Mumbai. My version is healthier and equally delicious, and can be easily served as a main course! If your pattice is plain and simple, then you can serve this dish with two chutneys – mint chutney and tamarind chutney. However, if you pattice is flavored with ginger-chili paste, you don’t need the chutneys for additional flavors. You can try it both ways. I remember making this dish for 50 servings while I was at college. Since then, I love this recipe, although there is a variety of ways to making this dish.

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