Flavorful Coleslaw (Cabbage & yellow pepper salad) – Boost your vit C

Flavorful coleslaw

This is a very interesting and unique recipe that I’ve developed using ingredients, all of which (except for salt & pepper) contain vitamin C, an important and volatile antioxidant. Here’s how you can make this simple & refreshing salad that you can add as a side to your meal, or as a filling in your burritos, or wraps or sandwiches.

Know your nutrients: Vitamin C is important for growth and repair of all body tissues; facilitates healing of cuts and wounds, and keeps teeth and gums healthy. As an anti-oxidant it is all the more important for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc. who have greater physiological oxidative stress. It can help you relieve your acidity problem by reducing the production of excessive gastric acid. Include it with iron rich foods in your meal and you can boost your iron absorption significantly and thereby increase your Hemoglobin levels. So much for the educational info on vitamin C. Enjoy this salad and leave a comment on the recipe or for the educational info. Thank you! 🙂

Per serving: 24 cals | 1 g protein | 2 g fiber | 0 g total fat | 78 mg vitamin C

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Red Bell Pepper Salsa (antioxidant packed appetizer)


I am very fond of bell peppers and so, I try to develop recipes to incorporate them one way or the other. Their vibrant color, flavor (and nutrient profile) probably make them one of my favorite choices. You probably think that my taste buds are “biased towards the healthy foods”…but you can try and taste these dishes yourself! 😉 I know, bell peppers show up in a lot of my dishes. And here is yet another dish – a low fat dish packed with anti-oxidants – lots of vitamin C and some vitamin A, that you can serve over some healthy crackers as an appetizer or a snack. You can creatively use it as an additional filling in your sandwich or burrito or wrap. If you prepare it in larger quantity, don’t worry, it can last in the refrigerator for 3-4 days like hummus. Although, its better when its fresh, as some vitamin C is lost during storage. Enhance this dish by adding some home-made low fat paneer crumbs or firm tofu crumbs & make it more nutritious (proteins, some vitamins and minerals). And, of course garnishing with chopped fresh basil will take it to a whole new level. In fact, the salsa tastes better with tofu & basil combination! Surprise your guests with this appetizer and I am sure they will remember you for serving a lovely dish. Don’t forget to tell them how you found this recipe! 😉 And, by the way, feel free to replicate this recipe with mixed bell peppers! For those who can’t eat anything without the heat…go ahead and add some red chili flakes! 🙂 Enjoy~

Know your nutrients:

Per serving without the crackers : 21 cals | 1 g total fat | 67 mg vitamin C | 57 ug RAE vitamin A

Per serving with 2 oz (1/2 cup) firm tofu : 43 cals | 3 g protein | 2 g total fat | 63 mg Calcium | 67 mg vitamin C | 57 ug RAE vitamin A

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NOURISHING CARROT SOUP (antioxidants, fiber & low calories!!)

Hello everyone! I am back from my vacation and catching up on my pending tasks and my old routine! Here’s my favorite soup recipe – and believe me it is deliciously nourishing! You can make it any time of the year, when you are well or unwell, this soup will make you happy! 🙂 I learned to make this soup while I was in college and loving it since then! This is a side soup, so be sure to complement it with a healthy main. My suggestions are Chicken tikka masala wrap, Easy Lentils & Brown Rice Pulao, Spinach & Kale salad with sausage, Black beans curry with roti and more such recipes on my blog! Do send me your feedback whenever possible! Save and share the recipe card below!

Know your nutrients: This low calorie soup contains carrots & tomatoes which provide antioxidants (vitamin A & C respectively) and a good amount of fiber, especially soluble fiber. Since its a side soup and does not contain proteins, complement it with a main that has a good quality protein. Never discard water used for soaking or cooking. It contains vitamins and minerals that leach out into the water. More such tips on preserving nutrients, check the GOOD TO KNOW section of the blog.

Per serving: 66 cals | 1 g protein | 3 g fiber | 2 g total fat | 553 ug RAE vitamin A | 13 mg  vitamin C

More nutritious recipes coming up….so keep visiting!

carrot soup new

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