COOKWARE: Invest in good stainless steel cookware set and a few highest grade non-stick pans. Choose non-stick cookware that has Dupont Platinum Plus non-stick coating. This type of coating is most durable and does not chip off easily.


Take good care of your cookware. A few tips will go a long way:

  • Use only wooden or plastic utensils with your non-stick cookware.
  • Do not wash non-stick cookware with wire wool as it will scrape the coating.
  • Replace your non-stick pots and pans when they develop scratches.
  • Do not put hot cookware (any material) under running cold water; they tend to warp. Let them cool down naturally in order to maintain their shape.

Ikea 365 series has a good collection of steel and non-stick cookware of excellent quality. Cuisinart steel cookware is also great.

Coming up….Anodized cookware & Cast Iron cookware (Stay Tuned)


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