SABUDANA KHICHADI (Tasty sago/ tapioca pearl preparation)

Since today is Maha Shivaratri, an important Hindu festival, I am reblogging a previous post specifically prepared for Hindu fasts. I’ve added the nutrition info and it’s the first time I have included process photos…so do check it out again!

Quickly Delicious

sabudana khichadi2

This dish is usually prepared and served on days of fasting in the Hindu tradition. Most Indians however love to eat this khichadi even when they are not fasting. It serves as a great snack or breakfast item.

Sabudana khichadi is usually prepared with a lot of oil and can be very greasy. I have used less oil in this recipe. Sabudana is a very starchy food and does not contain much fiber or vitamins. Although peanuts add some vitamins & a bit of protein to the dish, I recommend that you eat this dish only once in a while. I would also suggest that you have this khichadi with low fat or fat-free yogurt, plain or in the form of lassi. It will compensate for the absence of protein & vitamins in sago and also increase the satiety value – you will not feel hungry for a long time…which…

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